Solar and Energy Training Courses

Solar Sales  Training

Make your  sales team more capable , get them going.....

Perfect for sales people  new to the renewable industry or sales managers looking to up the skill set of their team


  • Solar Technology for Salesmen 101

  • What are the main drivers for purchasing a solar PV system? 

  • Effective prospecting and pre-qualification techniques 

  • Closing the solar deal

Delivery:  Online

Duration : 8 -10 hours  

Attendees Min 1, Max 15 

1 Month Aftersales Support 

Includes: Support Guides and Documentation 

Price : Ksh 100,000 ($1,000) 

Inclusive of taxes 

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Solar Performance Verification Training

Mechanics of PV design and modern performance verification techniques. 

Suitable for both technical and commercial professionals in solar business. 



Training program  is customized to your needs



  • Health and Safety on PV sites 

  • Pre-testing calculations and preparation

  • Testing in extreme heat & cold

  • The visual inspection

  • Real world case studies

  • How to safely connect to 1000V & 1500V PV systems 

  • How to work safely and efficiently in a solar PV combiner box

  • What can Voc and Isc tell us about the health of a PV system? 

  • What are the benefits of IV Curve tracing? 

  • Effectively managing large amounts of data in the field 

  • Generating professional performance reports

Delivery :Online

Duration  :8 -10 hours  

Attendees:  Min 1, Max 15 

1 Month Aftersales Support Y

Included Support Guides and Documentation 

Price : Ksh 100,000 ($1000) Inclusive of taxes 

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Business Consultancy 

Get over the  finish line. Someone with outside experience that can help you push things forward. 

You have the talent and drive to take your business forward, we just want to support you and bring your ambitions to life.


  • Commercial Strategy Consultation

  • Marketing Strategy Consultation 

  • Online & Onsite Sales Training

  • Social Media Management

  • Personal Branding Guidance

  • Copy-writing

  • Website Development

Prices given after consultation and understanding of your business needs.